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has developed the best

the only carbon Mono hull in the market. A piece of handcrafted technology, designed and produced in Europe, by our top engineers.

an in house battery designed and developed according to our revolutionary motor capacity and performance, easy to connect and reliable. Esurf gets the maximum power and density possible, to exceed your riding experience.

using our in house motor design developed for our product specifications & characteristics we have achieved performance never equalled before.

a simple and efficient wired handle to be used by everyone at any time. An intuitive display designed by top user experience engineers. Our wired throttle is helping our riders get a third point of stability on the unit and avoid any delay of response between rider's actions and the unit's reaction.

Sine-wave controller below 60 volt only 0,7 kg and capable of 22kW continuous. 3,2 kWh and interchangeable 15 kg battery pack. 215 wh/kg (Tesla has 167 wh/kg) energy density and 2000 w/kg power density. Electric motor of 1,7 kg and 20,5 kW (Tesla Model S has 8,5 kW per kg).

ESURF R Specifications

45 min

max speed:
64 km/h

Total weight:
Hull weight 9kg
Battery weight 15kg

Engine power:
19 kw

Battery energy:
3,2 kwh

charging time:
2.5 h