The fastest and lightest jetboard in the world.

Alexander Frederiksen
Alexander Frederiksen
Agressive0 - 64 km/hAggressive
Feather Light24,9 kgFeather light
30 Minutes30 Minutesper batt. pack
No ServiceNo servicelong lifetime

Esurf Beta Specifications
Top speed60+ km/h
Run time30 minutes
Max load150 kg
Armed weight24.9 kg
Power27.5 HP / 20,5 kW
Weight9.9 kg
Dimensions1700x580x116 mm
Electric Motor
Max output20.5 kW
CoolingWater open loop
Voltage50 V
Battery Pack
Weight15,0 kg
Dimensions415x315x87 mm
Energy density215 wh / kg
Power density2000 w / kg
Size3,2 kWh
Dimensions270x170x100 mm
Weight2,7 kg
Charge time2 hours per pack

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