High Tech

With more than 20,000 lines of code Esurf classifies as a high technology vehicle.

All about power-to-weight-ratio..

With more than 20,000 lines of code ESURF classifies as a high technology vehicle.

We have developed one of the most powerful, lightest, compact and precise low voltage motor controllers in the world. A sinusoidal-type controller which means that the motor runs smoother and produces less noise compared to a regular BLDC controller. Also it utilizes state of the art Field Oriented Control algorithms for direct torque control and anti-cavitation algorithms that significantly improve control for the user. Last but not least, the controller weighs less than 1 kg, water proof, and is capable of providing more than 20 kW to the motor.

Electric motor
Remarkable high-power density. Only 1,7 kg and has a max output of 20,5kW. It has the capability to operate for large periods under overload conditions, and it is classified as high-speed thanks to the high fundamental frequency (~2kHz). All these are achieved with a sophisticated design technique that involves finite element analysis coupled with multi-objective stochastic optimization techniques to account simultaneously for electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical phenomena. Motor is also designed for long lifetime in marine environment (salt).

Batterypack & BMS
Automotive standard and safety and most likely the most energy and power dense battery pack in production. 215 wh / kg (Tesla has 167 wh / kg) energy density and 2000+ w / kg power density.

Controller, battery pack and throttle all run their own realtime OS and talk to each other. From the display on the throttle all systems can be monitored and settings be made.